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Hospital Management Information System (SIMRS) is an integrated information system that is prepared to handle the entire hospital management process, starting from diagnostic and treatment services for patients, medical records, pharmacies, pharmacy warehouses, billing, personnel databases, staffing, queue takers, accounting process to control by management. This dashboard was created for the Regional General Hospital Management Information System which has several features, namely: Login Page, Admission Page, PDE/Super Admin Page, Clinic Page, IGD Admin Page, Doctor Page, IRNA Nurse Page, Room Admin Page, Cashier Page.

  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of hospital services
  • Integrated with all parts automatically
  • Simplify the budgeting process (budgeting)
  • Make it easy to calculate the stock of drugs and medical devices as well as the room
  • Facilitate the preparation of performance and financial reports
  • Make it easy to digitally collect employee data
  • Facilitate data collection of medical records of all patients

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