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  • Category: Web Based, Services
  • Year: 2018
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  • Location: Samarinda

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Company Information System is any type of information system that enhances the function of the company's business processes by integration. It offers high quality services, deals with large volumes of data and is capable of supporting several large and possibly complex organizations or companies.
This Gapallan Dashboard is made for the Shipyard Company Information System. Gapallan has several features, namely Home, Master Data, Project, Quotation, Position Settings, Material Request. The use of the Company's information system has many benefits for the Company. The benefits of the Company Information System are as follows:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data accurately and in real time.
  • Make it easier for the Company to plan, supervise, direct and delegate work to all departments that have a relationship or coordination.
  • Improving the quality of human resources due to a coordinated and systematic work system unit.
  • Increase productivity and cost savings within the Company.

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